DIMS - Towards Paperless Office

However too much paper is still generated. There are many organizations where most of their office space is devoted for the storage of documents. Physical paper has the problem of rodents, termites, foul smell etc. Documents retrieval is also a major problem.

In earlier times Microfilming with documents (Film) search software and hardware was used as a solution to the above problem. This was a very expensive solution. Now we are replacing the above microfilming technology with DIMS. In this package we have added number of additional features to overcome the problems of manual system of filing. Filing can be in a computerized database and documents can be stored in electronic form.
DIMS is a 32 bit windows based electronic document management system that helps users organize documents (Documents can be handwritten, typed matter, computer-generated files) in a way convenient to store and more important to retrieve fast.

It organizes filing starting from racks, cabinets, folders, files and documents. they are indexed subject wise, file name wise and using a single or combination of keywords. DIMS provides all the facilities necessary to store, retrieve, share, print, pin the documents and route. Documents are stored as pages in electronic form. This hierarchy of racks, cabinets and subfolders is very flexible and can be made to mimic the manual system of filing.